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We Tell Your Story

Horizon Creative Co.  is a multifunctional design and development company created by Javier Rodriguez and Jacob Laham. We are dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, or anybody with a passion to create their unique vision into a reality. We deeply appreciate the local business sector and its ability to instill culture and a sense of community into our town and neighborhoods everywhere.  Here at Horizon Creative Co., we believe every client, no matter the size, has a story or message in their mind that is waiting to be told.

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In Today's Digital World

We have a range of skills that we use to make sure that your story shines through in all digital formats. Whether helping you brand your business or using different visual designs through filming, photography or other visuals effects, we will help you show the passion behind the message, using the best techniques out there. We have pride in the fact that we are tech geeks who love to stay up to date with new and emerging trends.


Strategy & Design Hand in Hand

Regardless of the medium used, every little thing we do has a purpose behind it. We believe that functionality and good aesthetics go hand in hand. At the beginning of each project we set measurable goals to make sure that your creative project is not just beautiful, but also serves its purpose.

Now that you know about us, perhaps you should meet us


Javier Rodriguez

Creative Director

Javier graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing, while taking digital media classes all through out college. He loves coding and graphic design, making him a powerhouse for any web development. On his off time he enjoys surfing, listening to reggae music and a good game of  FIFA.


Jacob Laham

Director of Media

Jacob uses his skills he acquired at the University of North Carolina Wilmington film school as well as his unique perspective to produce visual stimulating content. His unique angles and post production editing experience gives each project a personal touch. Jacob loves meeting new people and learning about the culture that makes each subject different from the rest. You can find Jacob surfing out front more days than not.