We actually love working....for real


About Us

We are HRZN. A collective team of creative and inspired individuals with a direct mission to create and develop authentic brands. Our team relies on each of our member’s creative, adventurous, and passionate mind, with every member bringing different assets and artistic strengths to the table. Our goal is to create brands that are not only aesthetically engaging, but functional for our partner's needs. Our idea of a functional brand represents all aspects and details of our partners visions for the project, because we know know how important conception coming to fruition is to our partners. From inception in 2014, we have had the pleasure of working with multiple brands of a wide variety. We are motivated by passionate entrepreneurs and business owners who want to change the world. We have developed creative and innovative projects for various brands, while simultaneously making sure that we communicate their captivating stories to the outside world. Our drive comes from always learning and constantly pushing our creative thinking to the next level. We never settle and always want to grow in our work, and at the same time, satisfy our clients with unique and fresh content. We value diving in deep with our brands and creating progressive, outside of the box content. We understand the importance of relevancy and living in the moment and through this, we aim to visually represent brands that are true and original to HRZN and our partners. This is our future. This is our calling.

Our Process

From the beginning stages, the first thing we do is start learning everything about you, the current state of your brand, your competitors, and what you aspire the brand to be. We want to know your vision for your brand, inside and out. From there, we define exactly what your goals are for your brand. Goals drive our projects and ultimately, the successes of these projects. We set & clearly communicate each goal, in order to ensure that we are all striving for the same outcome.
After establishing the brand goals, we move into the development stage. This is where it all comes to life. Whatever the project is, we develop all the deliverables that are important and useful in achieving the set goals of our partners and their brand. After going through these steps, we get to our favorite part of the process. Execution. This is where we creatively develop your project and reveal it to the outside world. Not only do we provide you with an outstanding final product, but we then continue to set tracking resources in order to measure your reach. Congrats, we did it.